Monday, July 24, 2017

SONA 2017: Change in health, non-existent and intangible

"What change would you expect if the Duterte Health Agenda pursues the same neoliberal policies that the previous administrations pursued? The answer is nothing," said Dr. Darby Santiago, Health Alliance for Democracy Chairperson. "Change in health is non-existent and intangible."

Gomampong Gymnasium, Baloi, Lanao del Norte, jampacked with evacuees from Marawi City. Evacuees line up on the left side of the image for the medical mission/checkup. Photo taken June 15, 2017.

"Privatization and corporatization of healthcare in its various forms continue. Budget cuts plague our public healthcare delivery system. Medicine and vaccines remain lacking in communities, while millions worth of these rot in storage rooms," added Dr. Santiago. "Then there's the casual killing of doctors who serve communities, further depriving the poor of much-needed healthcare and medical attention."

"Malnutrition worsened. HIV cases increased. Countless data prove that the health of Filipinos has in fact worsened. Yet the Department of Health and the Duterte administration has yet to implement policies that would result to substantial change," added Dr. Santiago. "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, therefore DOH is insane to think that neoliberal policies will solve the ills of our healthcare system."

"One thing is clear: the fascist Duterte administration cannot bring real change; the change we need remains in the hands of the Filipino people through our collective action and empowerment," added Dr. Santiago. "Our struggle for a free, comprehensive, and progressive healthcare must continue. Our struggle for a just and peaceful society shall flourish."##

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