Sunday, July 23, 2017

Martial law extension means extension of humanitarian crisis, state abuses – Health groups

Health Alliance for Democracy strongly condemns the extension of martial law in Mindanao up to
December 31, 2017. By voting for the extension, the Congress and the Senate have exposed themselves as mere tentacles to the President and his rabid dogs Lorenzana, Esperon, and Año.

As the bureaucrats pander to their precious soldiers, largely lost in the narrative is the massive humanitarian crisis that Duterte's martial law has brought upon the people of Mindanao. Half a million Moros have been displaced, the Lumad have been forced out of their communities by the military, and human rights violations abound not just in the south but in the entire country.

Students hold placards in front of the Philippine General Hospital in an action against Martial Law in Mindanao.

And yet, the political elite have dismissed the massive evacuation and civilian deaths as mere "collateral damage" to the US-AFP counter-terrorist agenda. It is clear which masters they serve.

HEAD likewise condemns the detention and calls for the release of the #Kabataan8 who launched a lightning protest during the session. The incident is a reminder of how a reactionary state responds to legitimate public dissent.

Without any hindsight, Duterte and his allies continue to address the conflict in Mindanao and in the entire country through a rightist, militarist policy. But time and time again, history has taught that the enduring socio-economic crisis in the country feeds the growth of rebellion. Because of this, his martial law, as that of his hero Ferdinand Marcos, will ultimately fail.

The health sector is resolute in standing with the Filipino people against Dutert's martial law and his fascist rule. It will march on Monday, during the president's SONA, to show its indignation and call for the lifting of martial law. President Duterte must serve the Filipino people, not the US imperialist agenda of waging war for its own profit.##

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