Friday, February 17, 2017

Health Sector Joins Clamor to Continue GRP-NDFP Peace Talks

Just peace and the attainment of people's health have become more elusive with the declaration of an "all out war" against the revolutionary forces of the New People's Army. Hundreds of professionals, health workers and health science students under Health Alliance for Democracy therefore joined the Black Friday protest to echo their sentiments on the government's withdrawal from the peace negotiations.

Health groups marched along Taft ave. toward Bonifacio Shrine
The substantial agenda on socio-economic reforms and political constitutional reforms have seen unprecedented progress during the third round of talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. "The health sector hopes that the peace talks continue to discuss further the comprehensive reforms, which will ensure not only quality and free health for Filipinos, but a healthy society as a whole," said HEAD Secretary General Dr. Joseph Carabeo.

"President Duterte, by listening to his militarist advisers and peace spoilers, has abandoned an alternative pro-people socio-economic policy drafted by both the GRP and NDFP panels by prematurely ending the peace talks and declaring an all-out war," Dr. Carabeo added. "Instead of addressing the roots of armed conflict, the Duterte administration inadvertently spreads misery as communities are militarized and human rights are violated by the Armed Forces of the Philippines."

"The substantial agenda on SER and PCR addresses the socio-economic roots of armed conflict, and this is the meat of the present peace negotiations. Duterte can still redeem himself by continuing the peace talks and honoring all previous agreements such as the JASIG and CAHRIHL. The Joint Monitoring Committee must also be enabled to receive and resolve cases of human rights violations springing from the inevitable fighting between the AFP and the NPA," Carabeo added.

 "The people’s clamor for a just and lasting peace is the ever compelling reason for peace talks, and we are one with the people in saying 'peace talks ituloy!'" concludes Carabeo. 

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