Monday, August 25, 2014

Health Group Joins Anti-Pork Mobilization


Health Group Joins Anti-Pork Mobilization
Calls Aquino “Kontrabida” in Stark Contrast to the Nation’s Heroes Honored Today

August 25, 2014
Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD) today joins Filipinos from various parts of the country in demanding for the abolition of all pork barrel funds and lump sum appropriations in the big protest rally and sign-up action that will be held this morning at the Quirino Grandstand.
According to the health group, President Benigno Simeon Aquino is the quintessential “kontrabida” (villain) in stark contrast to the National Heroes who are being honored today.

“Unlike the heroes who made great sacrifices for the people, BS Aquino has only sought to promote the interests of the ruling elite, first through various pork barrel appropriations and now through Charter change,” said Dr. Geneve Rivera-Reyes, HEAD secretary-general.


Aquino and his cohorts are pushing for changes in the Constitution, or Charter change, to allow for extensions in their terms of office and to curtail the powers of the Supreme Court. These will pave the way for a virtual dictatorship for Aquino.

“Rather than extend his term, Aquino should be held accountable for the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and other pork barrel appropriations, as well as his anti-people policies,” Reyes added.

“The privatization of basic services, the continued militarization in the countryside, the continued presence of United States’ military forces under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, and the outright the deprivation of wages, land, and rights – these are the crimes against the people for which Aquino should be held accountable.”

“Like all kontrabida, BS Aquino should be removed from office and be sent to jail,” Reyes declared.

The health group will continue to work with grassroots communities in exposing Aquino and vows to continue leading protests against Aquino and his dictatorial aspirations. ###    

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